Who We Are

Making your day better—in small but meaningful ways.

We see big potential in life’s little moments. Brushing teeth. Washing hair. Showering. Shaving. Caring for the baby. Cleaning the house. Doing the dishes, and the laundry. We make the products that help make these moments a little easier.


Since 1837, we’ve built a rich heritage of positively impacting consumers’ lives with brands that make each day a little better.

Our humble beginnings1830-1859

Our story began with a simple handshake between two men: William Procter and James Gamble. As partners, they put their soap and candle business on the map, spawning a period of steady growth. It was during these formative years the Procter & Gamble Company was born.


The journey continues…

In addition to bringing some of the most well known brands and products to the market during this time, P&G also grew as a worldwide leader. From supporting wildlife rescues to providing global disaster relief, the company redefined what it means to improve the lives of consumers every day.



There’s really only one word to describe the work our people put into growing our brands. Amazing! And it’s something you’ll become a part of from the moment you start. Billions of people know and love P&G products from each of our 10 categories – Fabric Care, Home Care, Baby Care, Feminine Care, Family Care, Grooming, Oral Care, Personal Health Care, Hair Care, Skin and Personal Care – and about 65 brands, about half of which have sales of more than $500 million each year.

Building a Better Company

Today, we are working at P&G to build a better company. Our goal is clear—meeting the needs of consumers better than the best competitors to deliver winning total shareholder return. We are doing this by focusing on a stronger portfolio, setting new standards of excellence, bringing a productivity mindset to everything we do, and empowering our people to keep the consumer at the center of everything we do.

Building a better company demands a streamlined, focused approach to our portfolio, and ensuring our brands continue to delight consumers.

A Strengthened Portfolio

  • Global leader in 10 categories with 65 brands that leverage P&G’s core strengths
  • Daily-use categories where purchase intent and choice are driven primarily by a specific job to do and the product’s effectiveness
  • A focused portfolio for faster growth and higher profitability

We are also establishing a higher standard of excellence for all our brands. Success requires bringing these standards to every brand, and we are investing to fuel our growth by making these standards a reality.

New Standards of Excellence

  • Irresistibly Superior Products
  • Irresistibly Superior Packaging
  • Superior Brand Communications
  • Excellent Retail Execution
  • Winning Customer and Consumer Value Equation

Investing for growth requires bringing a productivity mindset to everything we do. This approach has allowed us to deliver on our initial productivity commitment and to raise the bar with plans to save even more.


  • $10 billion saved from fiscal year 2012 through fiscal year 2016.
  • Up to an additional $10 billion in savings from fiscal year 2017 through fiscal year 2021.
  • The objective: balanced top-and-bottom line growth that consistently delivers total shareholder return in the top-third of our peer group.

Our efforts are underpinned by an organization that is experienced, agile, accountable and committed to win. To further strengthen our performance, we’re also designing our structures to enable greater speed and agility, and we’re moving resources closer to consumers and customers, driving deeper mastery and accountability.

Empowering Our Organization and Culture

  • Today, 70% of our commercial function employees reside in local markets—executing innovation, advertising, and merchandising programs by leveraging their unique local knowledge.
  • In large markets, such as the US and China, we’re moving to end-to-end accountability. This model gives category business leaders full profit and loss responsibilities.
  • In smaller markets, we’re implementing a “freedom within a framework,” empowering leaders to make real-time changes in strategy without engaging regional or global resources.
  • We’re also hiring from the outside—with the number of external hires quadrupling across five different levels of management including senior leadership.

Winning results happen when we earn them—every day, every week, every month, every quarter and every year—in every brand and in every country in which we compete. And today, we are building a better company that is delivering on just that.

Everyone Valued, Everyone Included, Everyone Performing at Their Peak™

As a P&G employee, you will experience our culture of Diversity & Inclusion every day.

We come from diverse traditions, with a wide array of personal experiences and points of view. When we come together, we create an amazingly rich tapestry. That’s why, in our increasingly interconnected world, it is only appropriate that we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness, every day.

Diversity & Inclusion is deeply rooted in our company’s Purpose, Values & Principles. It is who we are, and aspire to be, as a company. By understanding, valuing, and including the diversity of those we work with and serve every day, Diversity & Inclusion enhances our ability to understand our consumers. It is about a culture of respect for every individual, for the consumers we serve, and for the people we work with every day.

Environmental Sustainability

We focus on areas where we can make the biggest positive impact. We are focusing on the areas where we believe we can make the biggest positive difference—Climate, Water and Waste.

What We’re Focused On

We include sustainability in every stage of our products’ life cycles from manufacturing to delivery and beyond.

P&G brands help consumers make more sustainable choices.

Website: us.pg.com